Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday: Getting older...aren't we all?!

Happy Birthday to all my fellow Cancers out there and to those of you whose birthdays have passed or are yet to come!! Birthdays are a strange thing. We tend to be happier to have experienced another year in the life. We celebrate the lessons learned and the evidence of growth. Somehow though as we get older things start to shift in our bodies. Things (our tummies and arms) are slower to bounce back, we notice cellulite in places we thought were "safe zones", our joints ache a little more than they did a couple of years ago, and those extra pounds don't seem to disappear, in fact they stand their ground and try to pack friends along for the ride. Let me stop saying "we" and own up to what's happening in my body. I have cellulite that I've never noticed before, I can even see it in some of my workout gear. My body is beginning to store more fat around my mid-section and legs, and my knees ache if they stay bent for too long. What is happening?! This is a sign as clear as day. I need to start revamping my life NOW, taking the necessary steps to stay on the youthful side of the spectrum. I am on a mission to preserve my sexy and I think no matter what stage of life you are in, you can preserve, rehabilitate, or create your sexy. ** I am practicing self-control, portion control, proper snacking, and exercising at least 15 min. a day** I will guide you through this as well, one step at a time. We'll start with a proper snack or breakfast meal and some exercises to add to your day. This is completely possible. It takes willpower and a plan.

Stay tuned for "The Plan" ...

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