Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Snacks in the house

I am roaming the cabinets again...

  I have been wandering around my kitchen aimlessly. I've gotten up to look in the cupboards every 30min. like clockwork. I keep expecting to discover something new or different, but no... just the things I bought from the grocery store. All of my healthy snacks and nutritional items... a good thing without a doubt, but I am craving something "bad" and looking for my fix. I want something salty and crunchy.

I said I wasn't going to keep snacks in the house, but dammit....I want a snack. I feel like a child again for an instant. You know that feeling when you just want what you want, no questions. Well, my grownup self had to intervene with this tantrum. Last time in the kitchen, what is it going to be?

  The thing is, if I had a bag of chips in the cabinet I probably wouldn't really want it, I would just eat it because it was there and it was easy to get to. I know that a handful of almonds or a grapefruit will curb the craving for something else, but I've had that already. I want something warm and good, Something that will last for a while, and will not leave me counting the minutes until my next meal...


I just spotted some kernels in the cabinet. PS- they aren't Orville Redenbacher kernels, and they are just as delicious. I've been using "Deerfield Farms" brand. I'm not endorsing them, just letting you know that they are cheaper than almost $7 a container.

  Oh my gosh, Popcorn is really the perfect snack. My family LOVES popcorn, if we could have it everyday we would. Whether it be made at home (air popped or stove top), from the movies, Target, or a carnival, send popcorn our way and we will take it. Popcorn is really the perfect snack (among others that I'll share later). Its FULL of fiber which keeps you feeling full, its a whole grain just like brown rice and oatmeal, its satisfying and full of iron, protein and minerals, and last: it's soo good.

  Popcorn in its pure popped form is not the issue, its when we add too much butter, salt, seasoning etc. that things can go over board. I am not saying don't spice up a snack and enjoy it the way you like it, I am saying: if you have a goal, train yourself to reach it by doing whats best for your body and not overindulging on the fixin's.

  If you must add something to your popcorn, and a touch of salt and/or butter or try some of these additions: -almonds -chopped dried fruit - pretzels - pumpkin seeds - a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese - soy nuts. Those additions are great ways to combine the crunch of popcorn with a small dose of sweet, salty or chewy. Remember, don't over do it. 3 cups of popcorn is a healthy serving!

Treat yourself, I am right now!

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