Sunday, July 25, 2010

Moving into our 30's and things are shifting

  No more waking up to a perfect body with no cares in the world and not even realizing it. We were so dramatic in our 20's, little did we know we had it made in the shade. All the time we needed to "figure things out" was really just us stalling. Don't get me wrong, that is not a bad thing. Those time were very necessary in order for us to be where we are today and to have fun at whatever age bracket we may fall into or out of.
  Those days aren't completely gone either. There is still alot of "stalling time" that takes place and is needed in order to get our bearings, but as we start to settle into who we are and into our lives, we quickly realize... Oh my gosh, I am not getting any younger!!!
  I don't know about you, but my body is starting to settle with gravity and its time I start putting things in check. This über laid back lifestyle approach isn't really working for me. I'm talking about " Eb, you don't have to work out today, you're just fine." Umm...hello, when you say that 10,12,14 days in a row, no you're not fine. Your body begins to recognize and quickly adapt to its new sedentary lifestyle. Meaning sedentary organs, muscles, and body shape.
Which means...not cute. 
  I have enough life experience to know that nothing you really want is going to come waltzing into your life the way you might imagine. It's about GETting UP and GOing AFTER IT, whatever it may be (love, a job, a healthy lifestyle etc.) No more "life keeps happening to me" for the good or bad, I'm taking as much control of me as I can. Best believe I am starting with my health and body. I recognize that more than the aesthetics of it all, I want to set myself up for living and experiencing as much of this life as possible in as many age brackets as I can fit into.


casper said...

Great writing, Ebony!

I don't know if you remember me, but it's Beth - the red head that was good friends with Chevon when we were in Elementary and Middle School in MIA. I wish I knew you were in NYC a whiel back. I live there now!

Keep it up!

* Ebony * said...

Of course I remember you! How are you?! I am so glad you checked out the blog. NYC is a great place to be, enjoy the energy of the city and keep tuning in!