Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lifting Weights Series (Part One) ... Let's do it

It is so important to start using weights if you don't already. They won't bulk you up ladies, but it will help ensure that your bones remain as strong as possible to carry you into the many years to come. I know all too well that showing up to the gym and avoiding the "weights" area saves a lot of anxiety. I work with so many women who are afraid of the men on the weight lifting floor, but after I guide them through the area and show them that machines and weights are there for them as well, the "DO NOT ENTER" zone is much more inviting.

Just try it one day. Walk through those doors, head straight to the weight lifting area... and get going. Get your 3-15 pound weights and set up your own area. No one will look at you strangely (I promise). Just zone out from your surroundings and tune into the task at hand: losing weight, toning your body, and strengthening your body from the bones out.

For the Ladies: Let's address "THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM" :
You won't end up looking like a body builder or be bigger than your boyfriend (although you might get stronger than him!)

We have a different hormonal make up than men, which makes it almost impossible to build bulky muscles like guys do. Lifting lighter weights and doing a substantial amount of reps with proper stretching afterwards will build your muscular endurance and give you long lean muscles like a dancer.

Try some of these moves the next time you go to the gym, park, or beach. Have fun feeling the burn and knowing that adding weights to your workout will add years to your life.

 Bicep Curl with Squat:

Position 2
Starting Position 1

Stand with feet in a parallel position, knees slightly bent, and belly button pulled into your spine. As you bend your knees deeper feel as if you were sitting in an imaginary chair and bring the weight closer to your chest into a bicep curl.

Complete 10-15 reps, 2-3 sets

It's been proven that lifting weights regularly will decrease body fat, reduce blood pressure, improve your athletic abilities, reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes as well as reduce injuries, back pain & arthritis.  

Join me at the gym, I'll be in the weight lifting section.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Weight Lifting Series


Sea Greens Live, LLC said...

The weight program is very interesting. I very much need to incorporate weights into my life routine. But I suffer from chronic lower back concerns. I am worried that when I do squats I will send my back into spasms. Any suggestions for weight training for folk like me who suffer with back problems.

* Ebony * said...

Hi there!
Thanks for supporting the blog. There are certainly exercises you can do to build strength while supporting your low back and avoiding injury. You can do an "assisted" squat.Place a yoga ball in the small of your back and lean against a wall. Walk you feet out in front of you. As you bend your knees into a squat the ball will glide along your back and the wall, while giving you a support to lean on. Don't forget to use your abs to help lift and lower you down into your squat.***I also recommend you look into working with a trainer in your area to help you identify exactly where you need to build strength. If you are in the LA area, I'd be happy to work with you! Good Luck, and let me know if that helps! Stay tuned for a workout segment on lower back pain.