Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Green Peach Smoothie

"Green" Peach 
 Having a "green" smoothie can help improve your energy, focus, and digestion

2 cups peaches, frozen or freshly cut and pitted
1 cup chopped baby spinach
1 small apple diced
3/4 - 1 cup soy milk/orange juice (substitute any liquid that suits your dietary needs)
1/2 cup ice
Blend the fruit first using half of the liquid. Once combined, add the spinach. Blend until the consistency is smooth. Enjoy!

*Remember, there are no rules or limits to your creativity. Don't fancy spinach? Try arugula, dandelion greens, or kale. Different vegetables take on different flavors and levels of bitterness and vitamins. Try this recipe out and stay tuned for other flavorful combinations of healthy snacks to enjoy during your day!

TIP: Hey moms: Kids love the taste of this green smoothie. It's easy to drink, its refreshing, and it doesn't taste like vegetables!

A normal blender should work just fine for these ingredients or for any other soft items called for in a recipe, but for a smooth consistency and quick results you may want to try a Vita-Mix. Having a good blender will result in better smoothies.

Vita-Mix 1300 TurboBlend 4500

The Vita-Mix machine is really powerful and allows you to puree` alot of items in an instant: smoothies, soups, baby food, nuts, sauces, etc. It handles hot and cold items and is a cinch to clean! Yes, this machine is expensive but if you use it multiple times in a day it can be worth it. I can't live without it!


Isabel said...

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To your health!
-Andrea (Wardrobe Gal from the Wiz)

* Ebony * said...

Hi Andrea!!!
I'm so glad you checked out the blog! I would love to hear more about how your business has taken off for you. I am in the process of getting my entrepreneurship underway as well. I remember Jose and I am so happy things are going well for you both. Let's keep in touch!